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Why Chicago Fire
Fans Are So
Divided Over Matt
Jesse Spencer played Matt Casey, one of the central characters of the NBC cornerstone series “Chicago Fire,” and his departure from the franchise during Season 10 was a shock. Spencer has stated his openness to returning, but not all fans of the hit series are excited to see him return any time soon and took to the r/ChicagoFireNBC subreddit to express their opinions.
One user posted, "Matt Casey is the worst character. I just cannot stand his attitude ... He is immature and a hot head who takes his issues out on all other members of the firehouse." This opinion was echoed by u/Givemeamop, who wrote, "[I] could not agree more. Condescending. Has all the answers. Sucks up to the chief.”
Others thought of him in a more positive light, with u/KimGrennan writing, "[In my opinion,] the man is no saint. But he's hardly the worst character. Most of the time, he's very loyal and the way he puts the people's needs in front of his own is very commendable." Then, there are the people who find him plain boring, such as u/RinardoEvoris: "He's mayonnaise on a sandwich.”