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Why Bruno From
The Disney+
Series Ms.
Marvel Could Be
In the case of "Ms. Marvel," the latest Marvel Disney+ series, the hero in question, Kamala Khan (Imani Vellani), is backed by her good pal, Bruno Carrelli. Matt Lintz ("The Walking Dead," "The Alienist") plays the teen genius and if Bruno follows in line with his comic book counterpart, he could offer quite a lot to the "Ms. Marvel" story.
In the Ms. Marvel comics, the Bruno Carrelli we meet on the page has a very different Kamala to deal with. Her shape-shifting power set up in the comics means that her science-boffin buddy has to apply a special synthetic substance of his own making — which is given the oh-so-colorful name "super snot" — to her outfit.
When used on her iconic get-up, the elasticity of the material allows her costume to stretch and shrink with Kamala. Bruno's smarts don't stop there, as he can easily understand Inhuman tech when Kamala is taken into the care of the advanced race, much to their surprise.
The "Ms. Marvel" show clearly aims to tell a very different origin story Kamala Khan fans are familiar with, but the series’ version of Bruno is just as bright as his comic book counterpart. Following in the footsteps of Ned, Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), or Wakanda's own Shuri (Letitia Wright), Bruno could be one of Marvel's bravest and brightest in the adventures to come.