Why Batman's Costume Makes No Sense According To Science


As long as there's been a Batman, there's been a Batsuit in some form or fashion but as awesome as many of them are, they might not hold up in an actual fight. Arguably one of the most glaring life-threatening issues with the Batsuit was examined by physicists, who explained why it wouldn't work in real life.

The majority of Batsuits are incomplete without a cape and aside from using it as a means of intimidating Gotham's criminals, it has also been used as a method of gliding across large distances. However, according to a physicist from the University of Leicester, it wouldn’t be a safe way to travel unless Batman has a parachute.

The other part of the suit that wouldn’t work is his solid piece cowl that shows up in most Batsuit designs, which would make it nearly impossible to turn one’s head. Batman would be forced to move his entire upper body for fight movements, which is pretty inconvenient for someone who often fights two or three bad guys at once.