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Why Andor
Tony Gilroy Felt
Like God On The
Sprawling Set
The Disney+ series “Andor” will fill in the gaps between Cassian's childhood and the events of "Rogue One," exploring what drives him to make the ultimate sacrifice to steal the Death Star plans. Showrunner Tony Gilroy explained that creating "Andor" was a bit like playing God.
For Gilroy, figuring out the planet of Ferrix, where the show is set, was exciting. Using the blue color town he was raised in as inspiration Gilroy designed Ferrix as a sort of utopian society with a simplistic economy. "You get to play God," he said. "They build a whole place, a whole culture, and a fantastic maximal expression."
It makes sense that Tony Gilroy might get a rush from being able to flesh out Cassian Andor's homeworld and its society. Prior to "Andor," "Rogue One" was the first science fiction film Gilroy had written, and even then he wasn't the original screenwriter; he was brought onboard for a substantial rewrite late in pre-production.