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Season 6 of “Animal Kingdom” introduces some new blood in the wake of some major character losses like Angela Kane and Smurf Cody. This includes a brand new portrayal of Julia Cody, played by actress Jasper Polish.
Polish's very first acting role was in the Billy Bob Thornton drama "The Astronaut Farmer" in 2006, directed by her father Michael Polish. Since then, Jasper Polish has appeared in several of her father's films, like "Big Sur" and "Force of Nature," as well as movies absent any of her family members, like "Some Kind of Hate" and "Locked In."
An initial announcement of her casting describes Jasper's '90s version of Julia as divided between academic studies and drug dealing, driven by a complicated relationship with her mother Smurf. Polish's TV acting work prior to "Animal Kingdom" is limited to a sole series, titled "Bring on the Dancing Horses," so this new gig could mark an important chapter of her career.