Who Could Michael B. Jordan Play In Will Smith's I Am Legend 2?

In March 2022, it was reported that Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan were in talks to star in a follow-up to Smith's 2007 hit “I Am Legend,” which confused some, as Smith’s Robert Neville dies in the theatrical cut of that film. Additionally, Smith’s now-infamous Oscars slap has made the sequel’s status unsure, but if production continues, fans have a lot of questions.
The announcement doesn't mention whether the story will be a sequel, prequel, or combination of the two. If it takes place after the events of the first movie, it's possible we could see Smith return in flashbacks with Jordan appearing as a new character, or the story could be a prequel with Jordan playing a young Robert Neville, while Smith plays the older variation.
The film could go back and forth between Neville's early days during the apocalypse and the present day, showing how his time as a United States Army virologist helped him develop the skills necessary to come up with a cure. It would offer a deeper dive into who Neville is as a character and provide more of the horror and tension that helped define the first film.