Where Was Moon Knight Actually Filmed?


"Moon Knight," Marvel's newest Disney+ show, is a globe-trotting thriller set across many continents. The show stars Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, a museum gift shop employee who discovers that his peculiar sleep issue is the result of sharing a body with numerous personalities, including the eponymous Moon Knight, Marc Spector.

Director Mohamed Diab stated that he wanted "Moon Knight" to depict an intimate story on a vast scale, and achieving that grandiosity included shooting in multiple countries. Marvel fans have become accustomed to CGI transporting them to magical realms, so "Moon Knight" embracing the charm of shooting on location will seem refreshing.

While the majority of the show was shot in Budapest, the crew traveled to destinations spanning many continents, including Europe, Asia, and Africa. Curtis stated, "We did go to London ... We were in Slovenia and we were in Jordan and Wadi Rum and the Akobo Desert."