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Teretha Hollis-Neely, at the age of 47, joined “My 600-lb Life” as one of the heaviest women to appear on the show, weighing nearly 800 pounds. At the time, she hadn’t left her bed in two years and was dependent on her husband, oxygen, and insulin.
Following several weight-loss surgeries, Hollis-Neely lost 441 pounds total, but relapsed into her food addiction shortly after. She would go on to return for the sixth season of “Where Are They Now?,” four years after her first appearance, and was once again dependent on a wheelchair and oxygen.
Hollis-Neely, like most people, spent 2020 in quarantine and, according to social media, continues to enjoy time with her husband, grandchildren, and the rest of her family. She also seems to remain optimistic and proud of her progress since her appearances on the TLC show.