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Where Is Lucas
Higdon From My
600-Lb Life Now?
Few patients on TLC's "My 600-lb Life" can make the stoic Dr. Younan Nowzaradan crack a smile, but 33-year-old Lucas Higdon did just that when he lost over 218 pounds by the end of his Season 10 episode. Here's a refresher on Higdon's story, and what he's done in the months since his episode aired.
Higdon once weighed 619 pounds, and began overeating in his childhood as a way to cope with his home life, including the many marriages and divorces of his parents. He decided to shed weight so he could travel, go back to school, and land a job in IT, and lost over 80 pounds during his first three months with Dr. Now's help.
Today, Higdon is continuing his wellness and weight loss journey, as well as taking steps toward his dream career. He posts regular updates on Facebook, and in December 2021, he wrote that he can now walk "half a mile (.8km) before needing a small break," and had also revealed that he achieved IT certification from Google Coursera.
Higdon is attending therapy in addition to personal training sessions, and in a Reddit AMA, he spoke about his experience with Dr. Now's controversial 1,200-calorie diet. "[Dr. Now] wants us to make it a habit to eat right," Higdon wrote. "We have to train ourselves to do that [...] it's the hardest godd*** thing anyone can ever do, especially if you suffer from food addiction."