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Where Is Janine
Mueller From My
600-Lb Life Now?
“My 600-Lb Life” star Janine Mueller said, “I hurt in ways that I never dreamed that I would” when she was suffering from extreme obesity, but her positive attitude quickly made her a fan-favorite. She managed to drop 122 pounds by the time her final episode aired, and she continued her weight loss journey after her time on the show was over.
In her “Where Are They Now” episode, Mueller weighed in at 312 pounds — more than half her original body weight — and finally earned approval for weight loss surgery as she continues to work toward living a healthier life. She accidentally revealed her weight online before the episode, which is supposedly the reason why TLC never brought her back on the show.
Mueller also implied there was tension between her and TLC when she wrote on her Facebook that "the TV show may have edited out everything I ever said about God. But I am here to tell you I would have never gotten half this far had He not carried me through this difficult time." This revelation made some viewers question the show’s authenticity.