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After Verdict
After a wildly toxic court battle, Johnny Depp may not see an immediate rebound in his career. Even though he claimed Heard's allegations alone cost him his career, it was already on the wane before the trial, and he'd accrued a reputation as an unprofessional worker. However, even though Depp might feel that his career is done, history indicates otherwise.
Immediate Response
He remains an established and historically lucrative star, and as anyone who's paid attention to the trial has no doubt discovered, his fans are very, very vocal. In fact, according to a survey by Spotted Media, over 86% of people think that Depp should continue his film career, while almost two-thirds would happily see Heard's come to an end.
Data Doesn’t Lie
Depp might not currently be the global darling that he once was, but positive signs have pointed to a possible career resurgence. In May, when producer Jerry Bruckheimer was asked about Depp's potential return as Jack Sparrow, Bruckheimer said, "Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided."
Pirate’s Return?
Hollywood loves a good comeback story and A-list stars like Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski have rebounded from much worse. However, in the long run, and as far as the industry is concerned, the court ruled in Depp's favor and the man has receipts — unlike many others who still somehow managed to stage a successful comeback.
Comebacks Happen