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Family Matters?
Jaleel White has been enjoying his guest appearances in popular shows like "Boston Legal," "House," "NCIS," and "Drunk History." White said of his guest spots, "I did an episode of 'Boston Legal' [...] with William Shatner and Candice Bergen. That's really what I want out of my career. I want to work with the best. Because when you work with the best, you surprise yourself."
Frequent Guest Spots
In 2009, Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy's daughter Samaya was born. The star's Instagram feed is filled with photos of them going places together, and his thoughts on fatherhood and how quickly kids grow up.
Loves Being A Dad
In 2020, he started a podcast called "Ever After with Jaleel White" where he talks to other celebrities who are navigating life and adulthood after gaining notoriety as child stars. In Season 1, White talked to Keke Palmer, Haley Joel Osment, Raven-Symoné, Matt Shakman, Danica McKellar, Tyler James Williams, and Mayim Bialik.
Ever After
In 2021, Jaleel White launched a cannabis line in collaboration with 710 Labs, called ItsPurpl, featuring strains of Purple Urkel. White told The New York Times that he would like to see more people of color profiting off of the cannabis industry instead of being imprisoned for what is now “legal behavior.”
Purple Urkel
With the Christmas special, "Did I Do That to the Holidays? A Steve Urkel Story," set to premiere in December 2022, Jaleel White's career comes full circle. In this Cartoon Network special, Urkel's clumsiness gets him into trouble with the Santa at the local mall, sending him on an adventure to find the real Santa and save the Christmas spirit.
Urkel Saving Christmas