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PopUp Play After
Shark Tank?
Texas couple Amelia Cosgrove and Bryan Thomas are the dynamic duo behind PopUp Play, a specially designed playhouse that allows children to have a bridge between the real and digital realms. During their "Shark Tank" pitch in January 2017, the team had managed to raise $330,000 for their product within 11 months but how is PopUp Play doing since its appearance on the show?
Following their deal on "Shark Tank," Amelia Cosgrove and Bryan Thomas continued to advance their company notably starting a new division called PopUp Tech, which allowed a flexible option for those looking to create custom products. However, the company has since ceased activity for unknown reasons, despite having a number of investors already keyed in.
While its website remains up, its app is no longer available, and the company's Instagram and Facebook accounts ceased posting in 2017. While it's difficult to pinpoint just why PopUp Play and PopUp Tech likely went out of business, we can look at how the majority of the sharks, outside of Chris Sacca, weren't clear on the entrepreneurs' strategy.