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Pandaloon's founder Eugenia Chen appeared on "Shark Tank" Season 9 in January 2018 to pitch her dog costume company. In the end, Chen accepted Daymond John’s offer of $60,000 for 35% equity, ten percent of which John agreed to donate to animal charities, but how did Pandaloon start, and how’s the company doing today?
First, a quick rundown on Pandaloon's backstory. The company began as an online store around 2015, selling panda-themed gifts. Chen made the first pet costume on a lark, then shot a video of it in action with her dog Huxley, which went viral and prompted Chen to launch the garments as their own product line.
Four years later, Pandaloon continues to be in business. Its products are available on its website, as well as on Amazon. Currently, Pandaloon offers nine dog costumes — panda, teddy bear, unicorn, bumblebee, lion, penguin, rabbit, koala, and polar bear — as well as a wide variety of dog harnesses.