WASILLA, AK - MARCH 22: (EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, Premium Rates Apply, EDITORS NOTE: This image has been retouched) Lisa Kelly, the only female driver for A&E's "Ice Road Truckers", poses during a photo shoot on March 22, 2010 in Wasilla, Alaska. (Photo by Rick Gershon/Getty Images for A&E)
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Lisa Kelly, as the only female cast member from Season 3 through Season 5, was an instant hit on “Ice Road Truckers.” However, the show took a toll on her, and she decided to take on a dog, Rampur Jackson, for companionship during "Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads."
Rampur was a good companion to Lisa during her journey through the Himalayas and a fan favorite on the show, so many viewers were upset when he did not return in subsequent seasons. Given the danger of "Ice Road Truckers," it seems understandable that some would assume the worst.
Fortunately, Rampur Jackson was simply adopted by one of the show’s producers and now lives happily in California, which was noted in Kelly’s short book “Whatever Happened to Rampur Jackson?” Though it’s unclear why Kelly gave him up, it isn't unlikely that the demanding schedule after she returned to "Ice Road Truckers" played a role.