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What Young
Sheldon Fans
Really Want To
See In Season 6
Some "Young Sheldon" fans are really feeling the withdrawal this summer, since the Season 5 finale aired on May 19, and Season 6 won't premiere until September 29. In the meantime, fans are spending their downtime on the internet, talking about what they'd like to see in the new season.
One Redditor started the conversation by listing their top five "Things I want to see in Season 6," with two of their five dealing with Sheldon's father, George Cooper Sr. Fans want to see what happens with George’s extramarital affair with his neighbor Brenda, his eventual fall into alcoholism, and of course, his eventual death.
Fans on Reddit also have strong opinions regarding Pastor Rob with one user saying, “I want to see Pastor Rob leave the show, as he creeps me out." Another fan agreed that Pastor Rob is a problematic character but stated “I love seeing [actor Dan Byrd] on my screen every week."