What Was The Green Liquid Batman Took In The Final Fight?


In Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” the Caped Crusader (Robert Pattinson) injects himself with a mysterious green liquid during a battle sequence. Is this an Easter egg that could point toward events in a sequel?

The green liquid gives Batman a much-needed adrenaline boost, energizing him to the degree that he can save Selina (Zoe Kravitz) and finish the battle for Gotham City's soul. The mysterious liquid is never actually addressed, leaving us to wonder if it could be a nod to the formula used by the villain Bane.

Is this implying that Bane could appear in “The Batman” sequel? It doesn’t seem so, as Reeves has already hinted at what could be coming next, and Bane doesn’t look to be part of that plan, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

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