What To Remember About Nick From Grey's Anatomy


The flirtation between Meredith Grey and Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) was never given room to develop, mostly due to his dire illness. Even though Meredith revealed that Nick made her feel a way she hadn't felt since Derek died, he was her patient, so she didn’t feel comfortable pursuing the connection.

Hot and Heavy Flirtation

In Season 14, Nick was not only a transplant surgeon but also a transplant recipient. Nick is disappointed when the surgery keeps him from performing a liver transplant on a patient he was invested in, showing he’s a dedicated doctor, just like Meredith.

Doctor and Patient

Nick had a complicated family life marked by tragedy when his mother died while waiting for a heart transplant. Due to his sister’s drug addiction he’s raising his niece, Charlotte, and is determined to make sure she leads a successful life.

Complicated Family Life