LAST MAN STANDING: Tim Allen in the "Granny Nanny" episode of LAST MAN STANDING airing Thursday, March 11 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)
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The season one version of Kristin Baxter who got pregnant in high school and spent the first season raising her baby boy Boyd while living at home and holding down a job as a waitress was played by Alexandra Krosney. Since 2016, it seems like Krosney has largely taken a break from acting and her public life.
Alexandra Krosney
The middle child in the Baxter family, Amanda "Mandy" Baxter was played by two actresses as well and the first person to get a crack at her was Molly Ephraim. After "Last Man Standing" was canceled the first time, Ephraim landed dramatic, recurring roles on shows such as "Brockmire” and didn’t return.
Molly Ephraim
Eve Baxter who was played by Kaitlyn Devers was a huge part of the series during the show's original run on ABC but she took a step back when the show was revived. However, Devers’ career still picked up after the show, as she landed roles in shows like "Dopesick," "Monsterland," and "Unbelievable."
Kaitlyn Dever
When Boyd Baxter was aged up to a toddler he was played by Flynn Morrison who spent a lot of his time with his grandpa Mike and helped the Baxter patriarch soften up a bit. However, once the show returned from cancellation, Morrison didn’t return and seems to have retired completely from acting.
Flynn Morrison
Jonathan Adams’ Chuck Larabee debuted on “Last Man Standing” in Season 2 and steadily became a staple of the series, who always challenged Mike's "lone wolf" outlook on life. Aside from his role on the show, Adams has made a name for himself as a talented on-screen actor and a voice actor.
Jonathan Adams