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Peck is a legend in the tattoo industry, but in 2020, Peck left Ink Masters after 13 seasons, due to a racist scandal. For now, Peck is lying low and he remains a co-owner of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas and the full owner of True Tattoo in Hollywood, CA.
Oliver Peck
Ashley became the first female “Ink Master” champion, she also hosted “Ink Master: Angels” and “Ink Master: Grudge Match,” and won as a coach on Season 12 of “Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes.” Lately, she has donned several covers of Inked Magazine and started a family with her husband Arlo DiCristina.
Ryan Ashley
Nuñez has an amazing CV: He's a graffiti artist, a hard-working tattoo artist, a reality TV show host, and a global traveler. He still owns his own shop and is a partner in Ridgeline Empire, a content and media corporation, as well as an animation company with two series in development.
Chris Nuñez
Doty came in third place in Season 8, hosted “Ink Master: Angels,” and coached in Season 12, “Battle of the Sexes.” She co-owns Helheim Gallery in Salem, MA with Kristen Welch and was highlighted in Inked magazine in 2019 as a woman tackling gender equality in tattooing.
Kelly Doty
Cleen Rock One was the runner-up of Ink Master Seasons 5 and 7 and finished fifth in Season 9. He currently runs his own shop in Vegas, and also maintains an online shop, which sells merch and tattooing supplies.
Cleen Rock One