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What Some Fans
Think The Owl
House Would Be
Like For Adults
“The Owl House,” a Disney series created by Dana Terrace, has thrilled audiences with its positive LGBTQ+ representation and nuanced writing. Unfortunately, the show’s third season has been shortened to just three 44 minute specials, disappointing many fans who have taken to the internet to produce their own “The Owl House” content.
Inspired by a Reddit AMA, where Terrace stated that the audience for “The Owl House” leans older, fans of the series struck up a conversation about what a more adult version of the show could look like. User u/Blood_Raven55 said, “I have absolutely zero doubt that if 'The Owl House' was aimed at an older audience ... Eda would canonically smoke weed.”
While some fans continued the conversation about what sort of things Eda might get up to in a show not airing on Disney Channel, others shared how they wanted the language censorship to stop, arguing that the character Luz would then be able to use swear words. Maybe one day fans will get their wish and see a new version of "The Owl House" for a more adult audience.