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Deadliest Catch
The fishermen of "Deadliest Catch" risk life and limb to feed America's eager gourmands, but what do they themselves eat when in pursuit of Dungeness crabs? In "Deadliest Catch," every decision is dictated by the sea and that is no different when it comes to meals.
As Captain Sig Hansen explained in an interview, “Fishing is what dictates your meals and what you can eat, so your diet is horrifying." That means there is often seafood and the menu and the crew has to consume large amounts of calories to keep themselves energized for their labor-intensive work.
During one episode Jake Harris whips up a carb-heavy 5,000-calorie breakfast for the crew in 15 minutes, all while struggling with broken dishes and eggs tumbling off of the counter. It is amazing that the crew can manage to scrape together some impressive meals despite their tiny galley kitchen.