What Happens If You Go To The Riddler's Website From The Batman?


In “The Batman,” Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) works with the police to track down the killer named the Riddler (Paul Dano), who delivers riddles to solve. One riddle leads Bruce to, which connects him with the Riddler through a coded chat, and you can get a similar experience when you try the site in real life.

Once at the site, you are brought into a chat conversation with someone who is assumed to be the Riddler himself, and he offers you a chance to unlock “the truth” if you solve three riddles. The riddles are challenging, and the site knows how much time you take between guesses, if you go to another tab to look up the answer, and if you close the window entirely and come back to try later.

If you solve all the riddles, you'll unlock a secret image of the Wayne family that was taken before Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, passed away. Of course, there is the possibility that there will be new images to unlock in the future, so plenty of fans plan to return to the site.

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