HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 22:  (L-R) "Wild Bill" Wichrowski, Johnathan Hillstrand and Josh Harris attend the 10th Seasons premiere of "Deadliest Catch" at ArcLight Cinemas on April 22, 2014 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Earl Gibson III/WireImage)
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Deadliest Catch?
One of the more recent injections of fresh "Deadliest Catch" blood came with the arrival of the F/V Southern Wind and its even-keeled Captain Steve "Harley" Davidson. Harley and the Southern Wind crew joined the series for Season 17, but since their Season 17 introduction, neither the vessel nor its captain has been seen on the show since.
Don't worry — neither the Southern Breeze nor its captain is currently calling the bottom of the Bering Sea their home. Though the Southern Wind is apparently no longer calling "Deadliest Catch" its home either, the vessel is still very much operational, according to a recent YouTube post.
Apparently, it is operating exclusively in Pacific Northwest waters these days, and claiming Seattle, Washington, as its primary port of call. Though it carries the same name, it seems the Southern Wind may be sporting a slightly new look as well, with reports that the ship recently received some much-needed repairs and a fresh coat of camouflage paint.