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What Happened
To CJ On House
Of Payne?
When Allen Payne made his debut as CJ on Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" in 2006, he was no stranger to the entertainment industry. His biggest claim to fame is the sitcom, but let's look at what Payne has been up to since.
Payne took a break from Hollywood, saying, “I chose to look inward and find myself, and I think that's important when you're an actor.” He is still acting in a limited capacity, starring in the 2021 Lifetime drama "The Fight That Never Ends” and returning to "House of Payne" for its BET revival.
Rumors swirled that Payne died in 2021, after Stars News erroneously reported this (and received its share of flak for making such an inaccurate claim). Payne's extremely low profile in the industry and his lack of presence on social media made the report believable initially, but only for a short time.
Payne revealed that several members of his family have suffered from chronic diseases over the years, which led him to take control of his health. Not only does Payne credit his faith for his good health, but he also credits being "connected to The Creator" for his decades of success in the industry.