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What Happened
To Annie After
Leaving Blue
It takes a full cast of characters to keep the streets of New York City safe on the CBS hit show "Blue Bloods,” including Annie, a member of the district attorney's staff played by actress Fortuna Gebreselassie. However, Annie made only 10 appearances before seemingly disappearing from the show, leaving some fans to wonder what the actress has been up to.
Since her last “Blue Bloods” appearance in October 2021, Gebresellasie has seemingly decided to go all in on horror. She has branched out from TV with two films, "I Am Here to End You" and "Why, Mona Rae?," as well as a short, "Simone.” All are in the horror genre, and all will be debuting in 2023.
The actress has even done some producing, as she was the production manager for “Why, Mona Rae?” and she picked up numerous production credits for her other two upcoming projects. While “Blue Bloods” fans may be disappointed that Annie is not returning, they can look forward to seeing Gebresellasie on the big screen next year.