We Finally Know What Happened To Rick Grimes On The Walking Dead


Fans finally have an important clue about the fate of former Alexandria leader Rick Grimes, and it has big implications for that trilogy of Walking Dead movies that AMC has been teasing. According to ScreenRant, Rick was abducted by the mysterious CRM Group and helicoptered off to parts unknown.

In the Season 10 episode “What We Became” Michonne discovers an iPhone that displays a drawing of Michonne and Judith with Rick's name scribbled at the top. The iPhone certainly seems like the kind of technology that only the CRM Group would have access to, so we can safely assume that Rick is either working directly with them or freshly escaped from their custody.

Fans obviously haven't seen the last of Rick and the upcoming film trilogy could begin by focusing on Michonne's efforts to find him. While we still don't have any specifics about the CRM Group or Rick's actual location, it's clear he hasn't forgotten about his family.