Kathleen Kennedy smiling


Was Kathleen Kennedy Really Fired By Lucasfilm?
Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm from its founder George Lucas in 2012, the studio has been helmed by Kathleen Kennedy, who was hand-picked by Lucas to succeed him.
Kennedy has overseen the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” franchises for the past decade under Disney's stewardship, but a rumor suggesting she is to be replaced is going around.
The claim was traced to Twitter user @Thwipt_, who is known for leaking Disney news. They Tweeted, “I’m hearing Kathleen Kennedy is now gone from Lucasfilm.”
Kennedy’s contract lasts through 2024, but the tweet was enough to confirm what fans who haven’t been pleased with Lucasfilm wanted to hear.
With the poor performance of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” some assumed it was the final straw for Kennedy. Still, these reports have no material basis.
A subset of “Star Wars” fans have been pushing for the removal of Kennedy as Lucasfilm president, but it’s probably not enough to topple her monumental career.