LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 10: Vanna White attends the official naming ceremony for the new cruise ship Carnival Panorama at Long Beach Terminal on December 10, 2019 in Long Beach, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
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Vanna White is a game-show icon and always a beacon of hope for contestants when they choose the correct letter on “Wheel of Fortune.” She has appeared in over 7,500 episodes, but some fans may not realize that "Wheel of Fortune" was not her first game show.
Before "Wheel of Fortune," White was called down by Bob Barker as a contestant on "The Price is Right." The clip of her appearance has been featured on several shows, including "The Price Is Right Celebrates 50 Years.”
White talked about her experiences, saying, "I was a contestant on 'The Price is Right,' and I didn't win a doggone thing, except for those lovely parting gifts." While she may not have been triumphant on "The Price is Right," White found victory for decades as a champion of the small screen on "Wheel of Fortune."