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You Need To
James Delaney returns home to London from Africa upon hearing news of his father's death and uses his inheritance to establish a trading company to compete with the shadowy East India Company. Nominated for several major awards, "Taboo" offers a one-of-a-kind portrayal of 19th-century London's seedy underbelly.


Created by two founding members of Monty Python, this series takes on a new genre in each episode, mocking different facets of "proper" English culture. The show is not nearly surreal as Monty Python, but it does possess a very loose, satirical tone that can be found in many sketches of "Flying Circus."

Ripping Yarns

Based on the Hugo Award-winning novel, this series imagines an alternative version of England during the height of the Napoleonic Wars, where magic exists but has fallen out of practice. The result is a modern drama that mixes fantasy with history, melding the two together seamlessly and imaginatively.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

This is a darkly comic animated series about a group of anthropomorphic animals that lab scientists have physically and mentally altered to take on human qualities. A grim commentary on animal experimentation and the struggle to blend in with other "normal" people, this is as high concept as a British show gets but is never boring.

 I Am Not an Animal

One of the most successful U.K. shows ever made, this focuses on the local Home Guard that is assigned to protect the town from German invasion during World War II. It has become a phenomenon within British pop culture, with many of the show's trademark phrases becoming oft-quoted within the country.

Dad's Army