TWD's Norman Reedus Opens Up About The Show's Bittersweet Ending


Norman Reedus has appeared in over 100 episodes as Daryl Dixon on long running hit "The Walking Dead." In a recent interview, he voiced his opinions about the end of the series and his hopes for the impending finale.

Reedus conveyed his bittersweet feelings surrounding the series coming to an end. He also expressed his hopes for the show’s ending, stating "I feel like we owe it to ourselves and the fans for the show to really go out with a bang.”

Regarding the effect “TWD” has had on his life, he said, "[The show’s] been the dictating factor of my everyday life, every week for years." Reedus won’t have long to wallow in the absence of the show because he has a spin-off co-starring Melissa McBride in the works.