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Tim Roth
Reminisces About
The Joy Of Working
With Quentin
Quentin Tarantino may be a household name now, but when Tim Roth first worked with him on his 1992 directorial debut "Reservoir Dogs," no one knew his unique voice would leave an indelible mark on the pop culture landscape. In a conversation with Looper, Roth detailed his long working relationship with Tarantino and expressed his desire to work with him again.
Even though Quentin Tarantino hadn't made a film when Tim Roth was cast in "Reservoir Dogs," he suggested Tarantino already had the mindset of a great writer and director. "The thing that's changed about Quentin is that he now has the experience that he didn't have. But in a way, he always had it [...] He'd been making films for a long time [in his head] before he made his first film," Roth observed.
Roth continued, "What we are looking at is somebody who's been given the space to make the films that he's always wanted to make, and his horizons are limitless." Roth’s experience in Tarantino’s incredible troupe of actors has inspired him to continue to seek out first-time directors to work with.