Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Discuss The Harsh Conditions Of Filming 1883

"1883," the prequel to "Yellowstone," follows the post-Civil War generation of the Dutton unit as they travel across the West, where they experience some hiccups and violent encounters along the way. The series also boasts an all-star cast of talented performers, but the casting of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may have surprised some, as they're primarily known as musicians.
Shifting their attention to acting for "1883" was an experience for McGraw and Hill, who had to contend with harsh working conditions, as well as early mornings — a rarity for musicians. Having to adhere to someone else's artistic vision is also not the norm for musicians who are used to writing and performing their material.
The actors were happy to persevere through the harsh conditions and get on with the job. "We were so committed and believed in the story so much. It's the truth. We wanted to do whatever it took to make it happen," Hill added.