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Thor: Love And
Thunder's Valkyrie
Will Face Her Most
Frustrating Foe Yet
For many people, Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie character was one of the most entertaining things about 2017's "Thor: Ragnarok." As a result, it's only fitting that the "Creed" star is returning to the MCU in Taika Waititi's upcoming sequel, "Thor: Love and Thunder," which — according to Waititi — has Valkyrie's most frustrating foe to date: boredom.
Once a fierce and glorified fighter, "Thor: Love and Thunder" finds Valkyrie now subjected to tedious political work as part of her newly established role as King of New Asgard. While such a prominent position of power would probably please a variety of Asgardians, Waititi insists that this development has actually made life extremely difficult for Valkyrie.
"She's got to do all the things that they never tell you about when you're supposed to rule the people, which is deal with all of the infrastructure and figure out the economy and have delegates visit from other countries," Waititi told Entertainment Weekly. "So, she's spending a lot of her time not fighting, and all of her new battles have to do with ruling her people."
In the first trailer for the film, Valkyrie appears bored as she oversees a governmental meeting of some sort. We’ll see how she battles the monotony when "Thor: Love and Thunder" is released on July 8.