This Ms. Marvel
Episode 3 Scene
Made Some Fans
Physically Sick
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"Ms. Marvel" is a compelling coming-of-age tale following superhero Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and has so far done a great job building the character before her big-screen debut in "The Marvels." This character also provides much-needed representation for the Muslim community, who so far haven't gotten much time in the limelight in major superhero properties.
The show has done an exceptional job of highlighting many aspects of the Muslim faith and tradition, and Kamala even partakes in these traditions — which is rare for any superhero. For those in the community, it allows them to be seen and serves as educational for those who are not. One such tradition was notably brought to light in the show's third episode.
Episode Two contains a sequence where we see Kamala and Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) take off their shoes before entering a mosque while having a discussion. In Episode Three, we see Damage Control, in their hunt for “Night Light,” arrive at the same mosque, while keeping their boots on. They are turned away to get a warrant, but not before being told to “remove their shoes” next time.
While this helps set the tone for how Damage Control operates, it made some viewers sick. The reason for removing shoes is that people pray on the carpet, and you don't want to drag in dirt and debris. It's a kindness to other worshippers, and it shows the agents' flagrant disregard for those who use the mosque — a touch that makes "Ms. Marvel" unlike anything else the studio has done before.