This Moon Knight Theory Explains Why There Isn’t A Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

"Thor: Love and Thunder,” the next installment in the MCU, comes out on July 8, but things have been awfully quiet on the promotional front. Wherever there's confusion, fan theories are bound to emerge, and one Redditor thinks it means that other Marvel projects on the horizon will tie into the “Thor” film.
"I think Gorr [the God Butcher] is going to make an appearance in ['Moon Knight'],” the Redditor writes. They theorize the character might appear after the credits, where he “kills all of the Egyptian Gods except Khonshu who is safe in Marc/Steven's body.”
Gorr ties directly into Marvel's gods, and there have even been rumors that Bast, the Black Panther goddess, could pop up in Thor's next film. It would certainly make sense if some Egyptian gods entered the mix for Gorr to potentially battle against and/or destroy.