This Look At Ryan Hurst As Marvel's Sentry Is Jaw-Dropping


Ryan Hurst’s acting career has gone through a steady rise since 2000’s “Remember The Titans,” but will it take an even bigger step and enter into the lucrative world of the MCU? The ever-expanding nature of the MCU does make room for new stars, and Hurst might be trying to make his way in there, after uploading some artwork of himself as the superhero Sentry.

There's nothing wrong with trying to manifest some positive energy from the universe, especially when it relates to the MCU. Hurst is certainly hoping to, as his Instagram caption read, “BOOM! Manifest! Collective Manifesting! Thank you!"

There's still the question of whether Sentry would be a good fit for the film side of Marvel, because he is almost too powerful. Perhaps the MCU can find a place for him, though, especially if they realize what picture-perfect casting Ryan Hurst would be for the character.