This Look At
Henry Cavill
As Wolverine
Is Startling

There's a good chance we'll never see Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel ever again, but the actor's immensely talented. With many fans wondering if he'll jump ship to Marvel, one artist has imagined what the actor could look like as one of the most iconic characters in all of Marvel Comics — Wolverine.

Instagram artist @royy_ledger has taken it upon themselves to envision what Cavill could theoretically look like in the role. Whereas Jackman's Wolverine was rough but reasonably put together, this version is positively feral, sporting the character's iconic sideburns from the comics as well as an incredible mask that Jackman didn't wear in his run.

With fans eagerly awaiting the announcement of when we'll see a new Wolverine take the reins, there's a lot of talk about who could feasibly take on such an iconic role. Henry Cavill's name comes up from time to time, with fans sure the MCU would benefit greatly from Cavill's presence.