This Look At Henry Cavill As Omni Man Is Flat-Out Fierce

The Henry Cavill fandom can’t get enough of him evidenced by the copious amounts of concept art they’ve created on Instagram. One such digital artist, Daniel Savage, has imagined the actor as Omni Man, a red-suited anti-hero/villain that is known for his alien strength and signature mustache.
In Savage’s concept photo, Cavill is in front of an explosion with a mustache wearing a scarlet and silver chrome suit and a blood-red cape. The artist stated that he had heard about the possibility of an “Invincible” movie and thought that Cavill in “a Viltrumite war-inspired suit” would be perfect for the role.
While Savage’s Instagram post received over 1,200 likes, some fans weren’t so sure. One fan thought that Jon Hamm should play Omni Man while Cavill should play Thragg, while another disagreed with that casting as well. Either way, both sides had fun considering the possibilities.