This Look At Chris Evans As Buzz Lightyear Is Out Of This World


Chris Evans is set to voice Buzz Lightyear in the new film, "Lightyear," a prequel story based on the toy of the same name. While Pixar decided not to create an animated Evans, new fan art on Instagram imagines what the star would look like as a live-action Lightyear.

It's unlikely that Chris Evans will play Lightyear in a live-action project, so Instagram artist Nikolay Mochkin has provided a design that allows audiences to imagine what it would look like if he did. The animated version of Lightyear waiting for take-off is replaced with the face of a calm Evans, who is ready to shoot for the stars.

While Disney has been consistently remaking their animated classics with live-action hits, Pixar, owned by the house of mouse, hasn't yet dabbled in remakes. It remains to be seen if the company will ever consider a live-action take on "Toy Story," which, in turn, could potentially result in a "Lightyear" spin-off.