This Look At Anya Taylor-Joy As Harley Quinn Is Stunning


Sometimes it's fun to imagine what your favorite actor would look like if they took on a famous role. Harley Quinn has been brought to life in live-action multiple times by Margot Robbie, but fans have speculated about what other actresses could bring to the role, including Anya Taylor-Joy.

The above piece of fan art was created by digital artist, who manipulated a red carpet photo of the actress. It shows Taylor-Joy covered in Quinn's iconic face paint with red and blue eyeshadow, signature black-and-white ruffled costume, and wearing one of her black leather gloves.

Anya Taylor-Joy isn't afraid of taking on iconic roles, which means there's always a chance that she could try her hand at playing Harley Quinn one day. Matt Reeves’ "The Batman" opened the door for more villains, and fans are hoping she will be considered for the role if it arises.