This Look At Alexandra Daddario As The X-Men's Rogue Is Incredible

Alexandra Daddario is known for her diversity in roles in projects like "American Horror Story: Hotel," the “Percy Jackson” movies, and "True Detective.” Now concept artist Stuart Cooper has imagined her in the role of Rogue, the “X-Men” member who can take away the strength and abilities of whoever she physically touches.
In an image uploaded to his Instagram, Cooper has Daddario styled as Rogue of the 1990s in her iconic suit and jacket. He has also created the image of Daddario as Rogue with lots of white hair, which was a result of the “X-Men” character taking energy from Ms. Marvel in the comics.
The “X-Men” movies of the early 2000s are credited with starting the boom in superhero movies, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that the “X-Men” intellectual property is in Disney’s hands, fans will have to wait and see which mutant members will show up in the MCU and who will portray them.