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This Is Where
Big Timber Is
Actually Filmed
"Big Timber," is a reality TV show recently added to Netflix, that follows a logging business called Wenstob Timber Resources, owned by Kevin Wenstob. The show also boasts beautiful scenery, which might lead fans to wonder: where exactly is it filmed?
“Big Timber'' is filmed on Vancouver Island, located off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia just north of the Canada-United States border. Specifically, Wenstob and company are operating on a claim of land on a remote part of Vancouver Island called Klitsa Mountain.
Klista Mountain is home to a plentiful amount of cedar and hemlock trees, which Equipment Journal describes as "some of the best wood in the world," but the rugged terrain poses many challenges for the logging crew. So, the location not only makes for a pretty backdrop but is also essential to the series' core conflict.