This Is What Babydoll From Sucker Punch Looks Like Today
Since Sucker Punch, Emily Browning has largely opted for small, indie projects, starting with 2011's Sleeping Beauty, which is about a brothel where men pay to touch women who are sleeping. Browning said that her character, Lucy, was a challenge because she had to be fully nude on camera.
Sleeping Beauty
In 2013, Browning starred in a couple of very different thrillers like “Magic Magic” where she played Sara who takes a psychological horror trip to Chile, and “Plush” where she played the frontwoman of a rock band. Interestingly, both of these films feature characters who are selfish to the point of damaging their own lives and those around them.
Magic Magic and Plush
Browning then moved into the rom-com genre where she played Florence Carter Wood, a woman caught in a love triangle in “Summer in February.” She then capitalized on her experience playing a musician on “Plush” when she portrayed a secretly talented novice singer Eve in “God Help The Girl.”
Romantic Dramas
After romantic dramas and thrillers, it was only natural for Browning to venture into blockbusters and in 2014 she landed a role in the romantic historical disaster film “Pompeii.” She followed that up by starring next to the talented A-list actor Tom Hardy in the gangster flick “Legend.”
It seems that every actor these days is heading to TV productions and Browning is no different. Her most recent role in the acclaimed TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods has certainly brought her back in the limelight where she plays Laura Moon, the wife of protagonist Shadow Moon.