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Dustin Hurt and his father, Fred Hurt, known affectionately on the show as "The Dakota Boys," know what they're doing when it comes to mining for gold, and they've struck it big each season on “Gold Rush.” As such, it should come as no surprise when you hear just how much Dustin Hurt is worth overall.
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dustin Hurt's fortune is in the range of $1 million. There are no details on what percentage of that net worth he earned from mining, but the article does state how Hurt didn't immediately go into mining as an adult.
In fact, out of high school, he went into a career in construction before becoming a wildland firefighter. From there, he went to work with his father mining for gold at the Jim Placer Mine and was initially featured on "Gold Rush" during the show's second season but didn’t strike it big until Season 3 when he mined an estimated $250,000 in gold.