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This Is How Arya
Stark Is
Different In The
Game Of Thrones
Arya's archery skills were shown off in the very first episode of "Game of Thrones," immediately contradicting the literary version of her character. Arya is certainly still a killer in George R. R. Martin's books, but she never mastered using a bow.
Not An Archer
Arya proved herself to be a talented warrior throughout the final few seasons of "Game of Thrones," most notably when she dueled Brienne of Tarth and killed the Night King. However, Arya hasn't done anything like this in the books, and Martin is guiding her toward becoming an assassin instead of a warrior.
Not A Warrior
Arya's assassin training in "Game of Thrones" is entirely different from the books where she's rewarded for subtlety rather than her combat skills. In the books, it was also her idea to give up her name, but in the show, she struggled with releasing her identity.
Assassin Training
In both the TV series and the books, Arya recites a list of names before bed, never forgetting who she wants to kill. While Arya created the list on her own in the books, she was given the idea by someone else in the series when she misunderstood a cautionary tale about revenge.
The List Of Names
Throughout the show, Arya carefully uses her wishes to protect herself and help her escape from Harrenhal. However, in the books, Arya's wishes were far more selfish and dramatically less effective, leaving her to escape from Harrenhal entirely on her own.
Wasted Wishes