This Impractical Jokers Prank Almost Got One Cast Member Beat Up


"Impractical Jokers" follows several friends who continually challenge each other to push the boundaries of silliness and absurdity. Considering the shenanigans that the Jokers usually get into, it’s not too surprising that one moment from the show almost saw one of them roughed up by an unwitting bystander.

Die-hard fans probably already know the scene we’re talking about, which comes from the 2018 episode "No Good Deed," where the Jokers take a shopping trip. The crew gives Murray orders to basically invade a person's personal space by reaching around and over the person, and eventually asking him to try on a bra.

After some time, the joke victim gets in Murray’s face and shouts expletives, which prompts security to get involved. During a webchat discussion of the episode with Sal Vulcano, Murray said that the joke victim waited outside for him and “was out for blood,” but in the end, Murray came out unscathed.