This Fan-Favorite Grey's Anatomy Character Is Returning In Season 18

Fan-favorite Dr. Addison Montgomery will be returning for the May 5th episode of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” Kate Walsh announced her upcoming appearance on her Instagram, and so far there has been no news about the episode’s storyline or whether or not this will be her final guest spot.
Addison has made two appearances in Season 18 so far: Episode 3’s “Hotter Than Hell” and Episode 4’s “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Addison’s return helped her to be able to mourn Derek and she was finally able to meet his children, Zola, Bailey, and Ellis.
Walsh was a regular cast member of “Grey’s Anatomy” during Seasons 2 and 3, and was the protagonist of the franchise’s first spin-off series, “Private Practice,” for six seasons. Before appearing in the 18th season of “Grey’s,” made six other guest appearances on the series between 2008 to 2012.