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THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."


In the mid-credits scene of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," Charlize Theron, clad in a fierce costume, appears and tells Stephen that he created an incursion — what happens when two universes collide. She introduces herself as Clea and uses a gnarly blade to cut a portal open to a mystery dimension and the duo takes off through the portal to parts unknown.
Theron's appearance is exciting enough, as it's always thrilling when a new A-lister joins the MCU out of nowhere. But the reveal that she's playing Clea is doubly exciting as this is a major player from Marvel Comics.
While her history is complicated, the abridged version is that Clea, niece of Dormammu, is a very powerful extra-dimensional who marries Stephen though they eventually separate after she becomes the ruler of the Dark Dimension. Their very twisted storyline in the comics leaves the writers for a potential third "Doctor Strange" film with plenty of source material to pull from, which might reshape the MCU entirely.
In 2021's "Death of Doctor Strange #1," our beloved Stephen dies at the hands of Kaecilius. Just before his last breath, Stephen bequeaths the Cloak of Levitation to Clea. Clea Strange is currently running the show in the comics and this very well could mean Theron takes on the mantle as Sorcerer Supreme in the near MCU future.
For now, mum is the word on Theron's involvement in any future MCU films. She did cryptically tweet that the cat was out of the bag but has yet to hint that she might be showing up in more projects.