This Awkward Cameo In The Bubble Is Making Fans Uncomfortable


Judd Apatows’s “The Bubble,” a satire on COVID-19, has an astounding number of celebrity cameos, with varying degrees of comedic success. The most surprising — and honestly, awkward — cameo is from Daisy Ridley, who appears in a bizarre scene with fellow “Star Wars” star Pedro Pascal.

“The Bubble” follows a film cast and crew imprisoned in a hotel, and Pascal’s character Dieter Bravo decides to blow off steam by taking acid and exercising. Kate (Daisy Ridley) is the teacher of Dieter’s virtual exercise class, and as the acid takes effect, he hallucinates her flirting with him, which then escalates.

Kate comes through the screen and has sex with Dieter as she repeats her pre-recorded dialogue: “Are you ready to start a new day?” Fans of Ridley and Pascal’s characters from “Star Wars” — Rey and bounty hunter Din Djarin, AKA The Mandalorian — had strong words for the scene, which came off like a bad “Star Wars” fanfic.

Twitter user @browneyesdilf wrote, “MISS REY AND MR DIN WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING!????!??!??? WHATS GOING ONNN”. There’s also a squicky age gap between the two in the “Star Wars” universe, as Djarin would be in his 50's by the time Rey is a teenager, and user @druisolo tweeted, “Stop putting this on my tl. It's reducing my life expectancy.”